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Features & Benefits 

  • Suitable for use with: R7500 MaxiGuard Silicone Half Mask & R680 & R690 MaxiGuard Silicone Full-Face Mask
  • Can be used with 3M 6000 series and 7500 series respirators.
  • Enhanced Protection: The solid design of the hard case provides superior protection by reducing the risk of premature clogging. This ensures a longer lifespan and optimal performance.
  • Decontamination Support: The protective casing enables efficient decontamination practices. This feature helps maintain a clean and sanitized environment, ensuring the safety of users and minimising contamination risks.
  • Ergonomic Design: R793-P3R offers a low profile and well-balanced design, allowing for maximum comfort and ease of use. It ensures a snug fit while maintaining optimal breathing capacity.
  • Unmatched Safety: The hard case effectively deflects sparks and splashes of liquid. Whether in hazardous work environments or situations where unexpected accidents may occur, R793-P3R provides an additional layer of protection for peace of mind.
  • Filters press down for easy seal checks.
  • Feather-Light Comfort: Incredibly lightweight, R793-P3R prioritises comfort without compromising on safety. The lightweight design minimises strain and fatigue during extended use, allowing users to focus on their tasks with maximum comfort and freedom of movement.
  • Secure Locking Mechanism: A reliable bayonet connector ensures a secure locking mechanism. This guarantees a tight and dependable seal, preventing any unwanted leakage or infiltration, and allowing users to work confidently in various environments.
  • Certified to AS/NZS 1716:2012


PLEASE NOTE: When P3 filters are used on half-face respirators, they level of protection is at P2. 



Maxiguard P3 Filter - Hardshell

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